Shower Curtain to Arabian Nights

Took this shot of the shower curtain and towel

Shower Curtain

Played around with it for a while added several other photos  and ended up with this image

Arabian Nights 10

titled “Arabian Nights”.


Unsettling Changes

Started with this photo of flowers at a rest stop in Wisconsin.


Then I played around and got this image

Then layered seven images and experimented with various tools and textures until I got this image.


Then I made some other changed….cropped the right side, changed the placement of the  eye, added some other images and softened the shade of pink… until I got this final image titled “Unsettling Changes”

From Trash to Treasure :-)

Started by doodling around on the computer ’til I came up with this image.


then I added this image of a garbage bag ready to be tossed out.


then I played around with the day lily, finally rotating and layering it on top of the other 2 images.


then played around a bit more and came up with this image that I titled “Wild Birds”

Wild Birds 10



From Flowers to Seascape

Started with this shot of flowers at the entrance to the English Walled Garden at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. After I played around with it a bit….


I layered the photo below, which was originally a red and white folded napkin on the arm of a chair,…


on half of the above photo.


Then I experimented with various tools, filters and textures until I created the image below titled Seascape because it makes me  think of coral reefs.

Seascape 10