Summer Lace

This is a photo I’ve  always loved, but I wanted to try a little something different.

Yellow close up (2)

Played around a bit and named the image “Summer Lace”.

Summer Lace


Secrets from the Shower

Started with this shot of the bathroom. Then I used the distort, reshape and smudge tools.


Then played around some more with same initial image and got this.


Added them together and layered a photo of leaves


to get this image


Then I added a photo of an old man’s face and experimented some more.

Secret Pains 6

But it seemed too dark  and also seemed to be missing something. Since I liked the title “Secret Pain” because there seemed to be a sadness in his eyes, I added some more images, decreased the areas of blackness and  added a splash of purple to accentuate his left eye. Then I finished it off by adding a texture. This is the completed image.

Secret Pain 6