Couch Makeover

Started by giving this photo a bit of an oil painting look.


Then I played around and experimented with several different imaging editors. I rotated the photo, used various filters and tools and added texture. Titled this image “Taking the Edges Off”.

Taking the Edge Off 10


My Husband re-imagined…..

Shot this while my husband was watching the news.



Starting experimenting with various  imaging editors – used the distortion tool, along with a lot of other filters and  textures. I ended up creating this image titled “Yin/Yang”.

YinYang 10

From Day Lilies to a Golden Mix

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Played around with some yellow lilies ’til I got this image.

Yellow Mix

then I layered this

Yellow Mixw

and this

Chai Tea

played around with a variety of tools, filters and textures until I created this image

Y3ellnowe Mixw

experimented a little more and ended up with this image which I titled Golden Mix.

Golden Mix 10