From a Restaurant to an Unknown Journey

restaurant entrance

Took this photo in the restaurant as I was waiting for my husband to pay the bill.

My Legs

Added this one after cropping  and rotating.

rest 1

Added this filter and scribbled on the image. Then I changed the texture and added the duck, lizard and seagull and drew an animal face on my leg.

Journeying into the Unknown 10

Journey into the Unknown


Unsettling Changes

Started with this photo of flowers at a rest stop in Wisconsin.


Then I played around and got this image

Then layered seven images and experimented with various tools and textures until I got this image.


Then I made some other changed….cropped the right side, changed the placement of the  eye, added some other images and softened the shade of pink… until I got this final image titled “Unsettling Changes”

From Trash to Treasure :-)

Started by doodling around on the computer ’til I came up with this image.


then I added this image of a garbage bag ready to be tossed out.


then I played around with the day lily, finally rotating and layering it on top of the other 2 images.


then played around a bit more and came up with this image that I titled “Wild Birds”

Wild Birds 10



From Flowers to Seascape

Started with this shot of flowers at the entrance to the English Walled Garden at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. After I played around with it a bit….


I layered the photo below, which was originally a red and white folded napkin on the arm of a chair,…


on half of the above photo.


Then I experimented with various tools, filters and textures until I created the image below titled Seascape because it makes me  think of coral reefs.

Seascape 10

From Flowers to Fiesta

Started with this photo which I blurred slightly.


then I made a few changes




then I layered this photo on top

Crocus in the Shadows 1024

and layered this on top of the previous two.


then I played around a bit with various filters and textures. These are the two images from the ones I created that are my favorites.

pastel abstract

Party Time


pastel abstract


which has a softer, dreamier quality.